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Description: so i showed my boy the text and we started plotting we did niy make a move at the beach but we started planting seeds later that week she started texting me pics if her at fsu her hair was braided and she was looking even better i told her i done seen that body at the beach stop being shy...... then she sent the underwear pics. that when i knew it was time to pluck my apple from the tree. i told her ti come over my home boy crib away ftom my house and her man and she replied who gone be there i replied me my boy drinks and lloud she text back ok then shit got real...... i wanted to dog her for trying to be a gold digger so i had my boy act like he was on the phone with his bi girl and had her say shit fir the cam like she loves dick and our dick is better then her mans second goal was to have her suck dick while getting fucked needlesss to say shit got real
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