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Description: where do i start this big titty bitch is from nc moved ny so keep your eyes open my ny brothers. this hood rat is my next door neighbur' sons gurl lmao . he is the light skinned guy i the pics couddled up with her and getting head from her . let me start from the beginning this girl dam near lives with him he works long hrs so she is home durinv the day alone. one day i seen her her and told her ber and her man are invitex to my beach party. i already knew his azz would be working i gave her my numbrr and said she can text me so i can text her the adress. day of party she hits me up and says he cant make it but can sbe bring her girl. lol man to see this hoe in a swim suite waz off the charrs azz kept falling out tits kept falling out that night we just drank and my boy got hef some loud. she fell azleep and left her phone on the charger it had a fingder print lock so i slid her fingrr over it to u lock it thats how i got the pics of her sucking her man dick. but thats not all i reax a text she wrote to her girl stating that she knows i have money and if sbe had to fuck to get it sbe would . thats when shit got real. lazt twk pics is her gf and yup she has a story too ....... to becontenued with vids and the rest of the story
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